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  • How Far In Advance Should I Book My Experience?
    The easiest way to book an experience is online. If possible, Virtualis VR always suggests scheduling as far out in advance, as we never know how busy a particular day and time will be. Virtualis VR does allow walk-ins, but we are unable to guarantee availability.
  • What Is Virtualis VR?
    Virtualis VR is Free Roam VR and it is the best way to experience immersive virtual reality. Virtualis VR uses the most advanced active tracking system in the industry. This technology allows for the players head, arms, and legs to be accurately related in real time. The experience also includes 4D effects with haptic reactions, wind generation, and realistic fragrances to transport you to a whole new reality.
  • How Many People Can Participate At Once?
    Virtualis VR has multiple experiences, and each experience can accommodate a different number of participants: Patient Zero - Up to 5 participants. The Lost City - Up to 5 participants. Patient Zero Escape - Up to 5 participants. Temple of the Diamond Skull - Up to 5 participants. Showdown (Player vs Player) - Up to 6 participants. Tikal - Up to 8 participants.
  • How Large Is The VR Experience Arena?
    Virtualis VR has the largest arenas in the industry, where each of the full arenas are over 2,000Sq/Ft (66’x33’). While in VR these spaces will appear much larger.
  • What Attire Is Appropriate?
    Virtualis VR suggests comfortable clothes and suitable shoes that are easy to move in, it’s very challenging killing zombies in high heels. Virtualis VR suggests avoiding loose and baggy garments that could interfere with the tracking systems.
  • Can I Wear My Eyeglasses?
    Virtualis VR recommends contact lenses be worn for the best immersive experience. It is possible to wear eyeglasses inside VR headsets, however comfort could be compromised. Please be assured that Virtualis VR will do whatever we can to ensure the best headset fitment.
  • Do You Offer Team Building, Group & Private Events?"
    Virtualis VR welcomes team building events and group/private bookings to create incredibly memorable experiences. We have a lounge area that can host most parties very comfortably. Virtualis VR can also accommodate anyone who would like to schedule private experiences. Virtualis VR can also assist with catering from the extraordinary Area 15 restaurant venues. Please email if you would like to discuss event booking.
  • What is The Length Of The Experiences?
    Actual time in VR is approximately 20 – 25 Minutes. Time is allotted for putting on equipment in the staging area, talking through the experience and removing the equipment afterwards. Participants should allow 30-45 minutes for a single experience. When booking, you can book multiple experiences in consecutive time slots as this will allow players to continue directly from one experience into another.
  • What Are The Age Requirements?
    Any minor under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Patient Zero experiences require the minimum age to be 12 due to the content of the experience. VIRTUALIS VR DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 10.
  • Is A Waiver Required?
    Yes, ALL participants MUST sign a waiver to enjoy the experiences. When booking online we will send these electronically so they can be completed before arriving at Virtualis VR.
  • What Is You Cancellation Policy?
    Cancelation prior to 48 hours of booking will receive a full refund. Cancelation prior to 24 hours of booking will receive a 50% refund. Cancelation under 24 hours will not receive refund. There is NO CHARGE if you wish to reschedule your experience.
  • What Drinks & Food Is Available?
    ALCHOHOL IS PROHIBITED. Outside food and drink is only allowed for group and private events when arranged through Virtualis VR and catered by Area 15 venues. Water and refreshments are available for purchase in the lounge area.
  • What Time Should We Arrive?
    Please arrive at least 10mins before your booked experience, this will ensure everyone is checked in so the experience can start on time. Late arrivals may lose their time slot and might not be able to participate in an experience that day. If unable to reschedule, Virtualis VR cancelation policy will apply.
  • Who Would Not Enjoy These Experiences?
    Anyone who may have epilepsy or similar seizure disorders Anyone who is not able to move freely or has balance impairment Anyone who has a heart condition Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol* *If evident that a participant is impaired to such a point that equipment damage, property damage or personal injury could occur, or purely that they could affect another’s participants experience, they will not be allowed to participate, and no refund will be issued.
  • Can Virtualis VR Accommodate Wheelchair Bound Participants?
    Yes, Virtualis VR wants everyone to enjoy the technology and worlds we have to offer. Please contact us when you have made your booking to ensure we can work with you and have ample time to kit you up for the experience.
  • Can Virtualis VR Accommodate Hearing Imparied Participants?
    Our noise cancelling audio headsets can be adjusted to provide the necessary volume required. Please contact us when you have made a booking so we can ensure someone assists as you prepare for the experience.
  • Could The Experience Cause Nausea Or Motion Sickness?
    Although the possibility exists where nausea or motion sickness can occur, Virtualis VR technology utilizes the latest headsets with high resolution, high frame rate and advanced lenses that diminish the usual causes. No refunds are provided from experiencing discomfort due to nausea or motion sickness.
  • How Is The Equipment Sanitized?
    All equipment is wiped down and sanitized after each participants’ experience. Virtualis VR also provides alcohol wipes in the staging area for everyone’s use prior to the experiences. Disposable face coverings are available upon request. Hand sanitizers are located throughout Virtualis VR.
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